Kompleks basenów

Pool complex

A modern complex of 3 swimming pools for adults and one swimming pool for children is the perfect place to spend time with your family and make friends with other campers. Adults can count on a large number of sun loungers located both at the pool and around it. A bar located by one of the swimming pools awaits its guests. Adults can enjoy drinks and drink them throughout the pool complex – also in the water. The pools are a great place to relax and can be an ideal escape from visiting the attractions of Alicante and the surrounding area. The pool complex is located near the Costa Blanca and offers a magnificent view of the Mediterranean.

Basen dla dzieci

Kids pool

The children’s pool is equipped with great attractions that will make the stay of the youngest pleasant. Numerous slides await the children, thanks to which the fun in the water will be even more fun. The pirate ship will add a character to the pool and the unique charm of a seaside holiday that will surely appeal to children. The children’s pool is placed in the immediate vicinity of the swimming pool complex for adults, so that parents can keep an eye on their children, without giving up their own rest. The safety of the youngest is preserved thanks to the shallow water zones, which will allow for great fun while being shallow enough to not pose any threat.

plac zabaw


The playground is undoubtedly one of the coolest places for kids. They will be happy to spend time actively, playing, swinging or sliding down. Available to children are modern, nice, well-groomed, and above all, fully safe slides. There are also swings, tunnels and spring ducks waiting for the youngest. The whole area of the playground is lined with a soft and safe surface that will protect children from bruises and scratches in the event of a rollover. The playground is located in the middle of a residential complex, so that parents can supervise the fun of their children directly from their apartment.

siłownia na zewnątrz

Gyms outside

In the entire Infinity View complex, well-equipped outdoor gyms await the guests. All those who do not want to give up their form while relaxing on the Costa Blanca, should try training in the fresh seaside air. The outdoor gyms are equipped with elliptical cross trainer, which will enable effective cardio training, various types of benches, rowers and many other machines that will provide a comprehensive dose of movement and an intense stimulus to all muscle groups. The area of the external gym is lined with a soft and non-slip surface, and is fenced from the remaining infrastructure of the center.

Boisko wielofunkcyjne

Multifunctional pitch

The multifunctional pitch is ideally suited to making new friends and tightening holiday ties. This modern playground has been covered with a non-slip and safe surface, which will significantly reduce the amount of injuries. The pitch is surrounded by a high fence, and is also equipped with modern football and handball gates as well as a basket for playing basketball. The playground infrastructure also allows stretching the net for a comfortable volleyball game. The multifunctional pitch is divided into zones with clear lines, thanks to which several teams can stay on it at the same time. The center is equipped with all necessary balls to play in each of the four disciplines listed.

Boisko do tenisa

Tennis court

The Infinity View has also prepared something for tennis lovers. The complex has a full-sized, modern and well-kept tennis court. The pitch is separated from the rest of the infrastructure of the complex, and is equipped with modern equipment necessary to run a professional game. Both professional players and amateurs as well as people who have never played tennis before will find it. Above the court are mounted halogens illuminating the area of the game, thanks to which the game can also be played after dark.


The gym

For all who want to keep in shape, a modern and comprehensively equipped gym located below the level of swimming pools has been prepared. The gym offers a beautiful view of the Costa Blanca, which will help you spend time on strength training or in the cardio zone. The equipment of the internal gym will allow you to do any workout – strength, crossfit, aerobic and many different training programs. Dumbbells, griffins, benches and a large amount of load are put at the guests’ disposal. Modern machines will allow you to complete your training with isolated exercises. Several people can exercise in the gym at the same time. A well-equipped internal gym will make your stay at Infinity View an even more comprehensive and attractive experience.



There is a modern saunarium waiting for those seeking a refreshment and cleansing. Saunas are located near the pool complex. There are both dry and wet saunas, which can be a great way to cleanse the body of excess toxins, deep relaxation and maximize the holiday experience while staying at the Infinity View. Staying in the sauna is also an experience for the mind that will allow you to immerse yourself in deep relaxation and engage all your senses: the smell of essential oils, the sound of glowing stones and warm air felt the entire surface of the body. We recommend staying in saunas especially in the afternoons and evenings, because then it is possible to sweat out the largest amount of toxins accumulated during the day.



There is nothing more relaxing and comfortable than staying in a comfortable and well-equipped jacuzzi. In the Infinity View complex there are up to 4 large whirlpools that can accommodate a dozen or so people at the same time. Jacuzzi zones are located on two levels of the pool complex, thanks to which access to them is easy and evenly distributed between the apartments. Hydromassage is an ideal form of water massage that relaxes and relaxes muscles, cleanses and exposes the skin and allows you to immerse yourself in the amazing sensations of relaxation and deep relaxation. And all this in the immediate surroundings of the beautiful Costa Blanca.

Bar i strefa relaksu

Bar and relaxation zone

The bar and the relaxation zone is a partitioned area where freshly squeezed juices, colorful drinks, beer and a variety of spirits await guests. Experienced bartenders will take care of the highest level of served drinks. The bar also serves regional snacks prepared on site using only fresh products. Comfortable and elegant furniture, shades that give relief from the intense sun, as well as the beautiful surroundings of palm trees and the view of the Mediterranean Sea on the Costa Blanca are perfect conditions to spend time with a drink and snack among friends and family. The relaxation zone is also an ideal place to make holiday acquaintances.